Grenfell United Approached Anomaly to tackle the social housing issue still prevalent in todays society 2 years after the tragedy of Grenfell Towers. A movement of social and political activists rallied by the Grenfell United foundation banded together to create a disruptive statement on the largest canvas’ we could find.

2 years after the fire of Grenfell and the government has still failed to act on fire-proofing and safeguarding any of the other buildings produced with the same flaws, structural issues and fire risks that Grenfell Tower had...

I created a look and feel for the typography and worked with the projection team to establish maximum scale and positioning for the statements. We wanted it to feel protest driven and disruptive whilst still remaining legible and informative.

I took inspiration from the Martin Luther King protests and set the copy in a currently popular counter culture typeface ‘Druk’ which has found fame within Street Fashion and Magazine Culture to give it a feeling of relevance, definance and youth.

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