After we secured the Johnnie Walker pitch win we immediately got started on the brand world look and feel for JW’s huge glabal campaigns. The first stage was establishing their Serve campaign. Utilising some of their brand marks and disruptive placements I focused on creating a sense of movmement and bold typographic statements. The great Kerry Roper (now HOD at Saatchi) had concepted some awesome marks and energy that I felt was important to bring into this campaign once I took over with it.

I wanted to play with the idea of obscuring elements whilst still retaining their legibility and clarity. Repeat use of certain marks and the “striding man” element allowed us to be playful whilst still heroing the branding. The striding man is always stepping off each page/panel giving the signifier that Johnnie Walker is on the move, always striding ahead and looking for the next adventure/party/challenge.

I was responsible for the look and feel for this campaign as well as producing all the formats, problem solving the colour ways and trying to create a system that allowed each piece to feel unique.

JW 2
JW 1


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